Innovation Training for HBCU/MI Students, Faculty, and Administrators.

The HBCU/MI- Entrepreneurship and Innovation (EI) team consists of experts from Universities, Industries, Technology Transfer Officers (TTO), and Small Business Development (SBD). We are arranging support from various Government Agencies. Together, we are providing a valuable support in formulation and transition of STEM ideas into the present needs, securing initial funding, all the way to start of a successful business.  The annual HBCU/MI-EI program will provide training (Crash course training) by world-class leaders on how to transition research into realization and to marketplace:

Ø  Technology Transfer,

Ø  Protecting Intellectual Property,

Ø  Business Plan Development,

Ø  Securing external resources through SBIR/STTR/VC, and

Ø  Small Business Development

The annual HBCU/MI-EI program will serve as a platform connecting the innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors and use the number of businesses developed as one of the crucial components of its rubric.